Mobiz Platform

Mobiz Platform provides a complete foundation for bootstrapping and scaling an enterprise SaaS infrastructure.

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Security Infrastructure

Based on ASP.NET Core Identity, Mobiz Platform adds support for scoping security against Organization membership supporting complex scenarios for membership security.

Built for complex SaaS

Fintech SaaS are typically more complex. You sign up companies / organization. Each company wants to manage own users with own security groups and roles. Enterprise customers want own cloud resources. Reseller partners need to mange their own tenants and manage customer setup. Mobiz has you covered.

Built for extensibility and integrations

Built-in infrastructure for managing and loading features contained in extension modules. Rich programming model for developing and deploying features as extension modules which can be configured per customer organization. Also, rich building blocks for providing your customers with integration APIs and SDK.

Elastic Search Indexing

Built in abstractions and services for integrating rich index, search and aggreagation features of Elastic Search. Provides utilites for managing indexes, migrations and updates.

Notifications and activity feeds

Activity feed infrastructure. Device notification delivery infrastructure for iOS and Android. A complete infrastructure for raising localizable notifications which are delivered to clients via SignalR and stored on server for client queries for back-history.

Batteries included

Schema-free property data store, Extended Logging and Tracing, Organization scoped services, Invite system, the list goes on and on.